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About Us

About Us :

Needkart, an online depot, provided premier range of educational aids. We are based in New Delhi. We have over 5 decades of experience in the fields of publishing, selling, marketing and retailing of books, stationery and other educational aids and cater to needs of all age groups. As on Today we under our Retail Brand  symbolizes trust to our customer. We have presence across India, serving to different types of customer groups consisting of school students, undergraduates, post graduates and business people.

We have been serving as book sellers and educational aid providers to esteemed academic institutions and have successfully provided our services to lakhs of students over the past decades.


We are selling books from diverse fields and serving all age groups across India with the determination to provide you with all your educational aids needs and requirements. The various fields of books we cater range from school books, children books, college books, general books, devotional & spiritual books, highly specialized field related books such as for Medical and Engineering to highly acclaimed novels and story books.

India has witnessed over the last few years, Increasing social networking  and technological boom, we are upgrading ourselves according to new environment from time to time. We are evolving to meet the needs of the consumers. We look forward to build a long lasting and fulfilling relationship. If you have any feedback, please feel free to drop us a line, we will be happy to accommodate our customer needs as they are very precious for us.


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